Our School Song

You can listen to our SCHOOL SONG by clicking here: we are really proud of it and love singing it.
Once you hear it, it will be stuck in your head forever!

So Many Hearts

Written by students from West Dean CE Primary School, July 2018



Small school, big hearts

Full of love and resilience

A place to imagine and grow

Small school, big hearts

Take a chance and play a part

Learn, laugh, love

You know it’s true, (you know it’s true)

3rd and 4th time only (So many hearts make a school)

Verse 1

Speak gently and be strong

Believe and don’t fear being wrong

Kindness is the greatest thing

You can give and others can bring

Verse 2

Think deeply, love and care

Friendships always will be there

We’re many but we work as one

Working hard but we’re having fun!


Time brings changes but some things stay

(Time, brings change)

The love within these walls won’t go away

(Love, won’t go away)

Faith and love remain the guiding light (Faith and love)

Towards each new day where our future’s bright

(Future is so bright)

At West Dean we have a love of life itself…