If children are ill and unable to attend school, parents must telephone or email the School Office as soon as possible. Where we do not receive such message, we will contact parents/carers to ensure we know where pupils are at all times.

There are two categories of absenceAuthorised and Unauthorised.

Authorised Absences:

Illness – notified to the school.

Medical or dental appointments, providing the school is notified. However please do try to make medical and dental appointments in the holidays or outside school hours. The Chichester Family group of schools are actively seeking the support of the medical profession for this.

Unauthorised Absences:

Any unexplained absences are recorded as unauthorised in the child’s records.

Shopping trips, outings etc during school hours are unauthorised except in exceptional circumstances when permission has been given in advance by the school.

In line with the national statutory position, the governors do not authorise any holiday absence in term time.