Adverse Weather Information & School Closure

Adverse Weather Information and School Closure

Any decision to close the school will be made by the Headteacher, who will make a judgement if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Conditions on the school site are too dangerous.

  • There are not enough staff who are able to get to school to keep the school running safely.

  • Conditions are considered to be or are anticipated to become too dangerous for children and staff later in the day.

As soon as is practical after the decision to close the school is made, an Eschool message will be sent to all parents to inform them. Please ensure we have your contact details up to date.
If the school has to close early due to severe weather conditions, we will keep the children safe until you are able to collect them. The school will remain open until the last child has been collected.
The front page of our website will have the latest information on whether the school is open, closed, or closing due to an emergency situation.
A decision to close the school or send children home early is always very difficult.  Careful consideration is always given to the latest local weather reports, information about road conditions and the safety of the school site. 
Additional information may be available on local radio and the West Sussex County Council website, but the school website should be the first port of call.