Video Tour of our School

Welcome to our video tour: 'The Small School with a Big Heart'.
The Year Six children and I have had a lot of fun making this video
and we have learnt lots in the process!
We have used our school technology and uploaded it for you to enjoy.
We hope that the video and information on our website
answer any questions you have about our lovely school.
We made the video in response to the Covid 19 pandemic as we hope
to keep as many non-essential visitors out of the school building.
If you still have unanswered queries and would like a tour, please do contact the school office.
We will arrange for a short tour, with precautions in place. I will then set aside time for a quick chat, away from the children, in my office, where we can maintain safe distances and talk freely.
We are rightly proud of the high standards ; the respectful and warm relationships ; the creativity; the love of life and learning: the strong Christian ethos which guides us each day.
 Mrs G Moss - Headteacher