School uniform

Although not compulsory, all children are expected to wear the agreed school uniform which is designed to be easy to wear and good value for money. 

Girls:  White blouse or polo shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo (available from Game Set & Match)

Elastic Tie for Years' 3 & 4 (available from Game Set & Match)

Tie for Years' 5 & 6 (available from Game Set & Match

Grey skirt/ pinafore or tailored trousers

Blue/white check Summer dress

White socks/ black or grey tights in winter

Blue/black/brown/ low heeled shoes/ closed sandals – no trainers.


Boys: White shirt or polo shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt with logo (available from Game Set & Match)

Elastic Tie for Years' 3 & 4 (available from Game Set & Match)

Tie for Years' 5 & 6 (available from Game Set & Match)

Grey trousers (long/short)

Black/grey socks

Black/brown shoes/closed sandals – no trainers.


P.E. (Girls and boys)

  • T-shirt in house colour (red, blue, green or yellow) (available from Game Set & Match)
  • Navy shorts
  • Trainers  (Football boots are optional - no studs)
  • Each child will also need a PE bag and their PE kit must be in school every day
  • A swimsuit and towel will be needed daily for the Summer term and for Key Stage two only weekly swimming lessons in the Spring term.
  • We provide an overall or painting apron.


Game Set & Match stocks items of uniform with the school logo and these are always available.   Other items of uniform can be purchased from any high-street retailer. 


All items of clothing and equipment must be clearly named – please check regularly as names do tend to wash off!   From time to time, we carry out a uniform name check.

The PTA or “friends” organise ‘Second Hand Uniform Sales’ after school about once a term. They are always pleased to receive good quality uniform to sell and proceeds from sales go to the PTA funds.


Jewellery is not part of the school uniform. Watches may be worn but not bracelets or necklaces.

In accordance with County guidelines, sleepers or stud earrings only may be worn, but these must be removed or covered by an elastoplasts/microporus tape before PE lessons, and must be flat, small and as plain as possible. All items of jewellery remain the child’s responsibility.

NB Nail varnish must not be worn for school. Long hair must be tied back for school.

All our uniform can be purchased from Game Set & Match,Unit 1, Beaver Trade Park, Quarry Lane, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8NY Tel No. 01243 538800 or follow the link below.