SEND Policy and SEND Information Report

At West Dean CE Primary, we treat every child and adult as an individual. We pride ourselves on getting to know our pupils really well so that we can support them in every aspect of learning and give them all opportunities to try lots of new things and 'shine'.
All pupils need additional support from time to time, in their learning, in their social development and in their emotional growth. We work hard, with support from parents and carers, to provide this support so that all our children are happy and learning as well as they can.
Some children have learning needs which we cater for by giving regular support, additional and different to the range of support offered in the classroom on a day to day basis. Our class teachers, teaching assistants and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs Bowman & Mrs Goacher), plan and deliver this support, in liaison with parents, carers and outside agencies where appropriate.
These policies detail how this happens in our school.
For any complaints regarding this aspect of our work, please refer to our complaints policy, or directly to WSCC if complaints refer to EHCPs (Education Health Care Plans).