School Parliament

West Dean CE Primary School Council has evolved into a School Parliament.

We have made these changes to enable every child and adult at West Dean to be able to play an active role in contributing to the decision making process. It also supports us in responding to the need to promote British values as part of how we work together to make the school a special and effective place of learning.

Every child and school adult is a member of a Department for a year. We also hope to involve some parents and Governors. 

There are five Departments:

  • Environment

  • Curriculum and Learning

  • Finance and Fundraising

  • Healthy and Happy Lives

  • Belief and behaviour

Each of these Departments have certain roles and jobs throughout the year.

The Departments make suggestions to the Pupils’ Parliament of elected Year 6 pupils.

The Pupils’ Parliament then makes ‘proposals’ to the Adults’ Parliament. 

The Adults’ Parliament decides whether a ‘proposal’ is agreed in its entirety, if it needs any amendments or if it is not to be followed. All decisions will be ratified by the Adults’ Parliament.