HOME LEARNING Summer Term 2020

This term, as a priority, we would like you to try to do the lessons and learning set on your class pages, which you can access with your passwords. This will help everyone to focus on the same areas of reading, writing and maths.

There will be a range of ‘levels’ at which to work - your teachers will signpost how to extend the lesson to challenge you and stretch your brains, but they will also support you if you find some things tricky. We all know that everyone learns at different paces and in different ways, and that real learning happens when we challenge ourselves and learn from mistakes. Practising things you are becoming confident in is important too - the more you practise correctly, the more skilled you will become. 


Each week, we will provide themed or 'topic' learning in addition to reading, writing and maths.


We hope that our website will become more user friendly as we find ways of managing our own home internet capabilities, and through our own trial and error! Formative feedback will be gratefully received!

Have fun with the learning!