HOME LEARNING - June 29th & July 6th weeks

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Home Learning Page for 29th June onwards.
We are all busy preparing for the final there weeks of term, so we have put a grid of afternoon activities for the coming fortnight here, for everyone to access.
Please refer to the newsletter to check which days everyone is in school.
All our other planning and information is on the CLASS PAGES.
It might look a bit different from now on, as we are all working in a new way, so that we can do a great job now that so many of you are back in school.
Thank you all for your support in getting so many children back into school, whether in person or on screen!
Best wishes
from all of us here in school.
6th - 10th July
Take a look at the three photographs below. They are the focus of your literacy for this week. Your teachers will ask you to challenge yourself by writing some sentences about them.
TOP TIP - label the photos A, B and C!
First, write some simple sentences to describe each picture, but try to vary your sentence openers and use a variety of vocabulary. Don't forget to edit your sentences to make them sound better, and to proof read them to check your punctuation, grammar (sense) and spelling.
Next, you can try joining the sentences to make them more comparative and also more complex in structure.
The information below may help some of our KS2 pupils.
The attached sheets might help some of our pupils to structure their first sentences.