Hello everyone,
We hope that you are having some fun with your home learning.
During the two week Easter Holiday period, we will not be posting and responding to school work on the website, or the class pages, but we have found some great activities for you to try.
We hope that you enjoy doing them together!
If you would like to be involved with a  weekly online assembly, try this website: www.youtube.com/fischymusic
Don't forget to message your teacher and let them know how you are getting on: you can upload photos of your work too, and we will put some of them in a gallery for others to share.
After Easter, there will be lots of home learning on your class page, which we expect you to follow each week. Your teachers will respond to this and help wherever they can. It will be a good habit to get into to look at your class page at least once a day. Each class page will work slightly differently, because the teachers all have different timetables teaching in school and because children of different ages need different ways of working.
Please let your teachers know if they can support in other ways.
From the West Dean Team :)