DanceHouse 2019

Nine girls from Beech and Chestnut Class danced their socks off on Wednesday evening, at the Alexandra theatre in Bognor Regis to the music of Queen. They were unstoppable ! Miss Hall and the girls chose the music together and co-choreographed the dance. The in-school rehearsals were fun and an opportunity to create. The rehearsal at the theatre gave the girls the chance to see other schools’ performances as well as to polish theirs. After a refreshing play on the beach and a refuelling stop at a local restaurant, the girls were made up with glitter and plaits, and ready to sparkle. The performance included skilful lifts, shimmies, jiving, slides, spins and jumps: there were paired and group sections, all topped off with a super group bow at the end. ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, by West Dean, had the audience on their feet clapping, and was hugely entertaining. Miss Hall and Mrs Moss were very proud of the girls’ performance and their behaviour – the loudest claps and cheers for other schools came from West Dean!