Art Club

KS2 Art Club with Mrs. Moss Spring 2017
We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs and watching our videos.
Our finished masterpieces are on display in school until the end of the Summer Term 2017.
Impressionist Art using Acrylic Paints on Canvas.
Our KS2 Art Club worked together over ten weeks to produce their own impressions of two of Van Gogh’s most famous subjects.
We started by studying the work of some celebrated Impressionist and Post impressionist Artists, including Monet and Van Gogh.
We learnt that these artists had moved away from the type of art work which artists did before this:
we were interested in the way they did not try to paint things which were exactly ‘real’ looking.
We also looked at some more recent art, inspired by this impressionist style.We loved the bold use of colour.
We chose the starry nights and sunflowers which feature in several of Van Gogh’s paintings.
We wanted to create an impression of the weather conditions, swirling gusts of wind blowing our sunflowers this way and that.
In our skies we wanted to make our stars and moon shine and twinkle.
Have you ever squinted your eyes and watched how light changes, especially lights shining on a drizzly night?
Our sunflowers have been beautiful and perfect, yellow and vivid, with new petals,
but in our paintings they have survived blistering sunshine, unforgiving rain and angry winds.
They are getting ready to share their seeds and suggest new life will be born from their centres.
Our first lesson was all about placing our sunflower seed heads and the stars and moon.
Then we boldly painted the sky to create a moody night scene.
Each week, Mrs. Moss painted the next stage on her painting for us to learn from, and we learnt how to mix our new colours.
None of our masterpieces look the same because we made all the decisions for ourselves, but we helped each other from time to time.
Mrs. Moss helped us to decide which colours to use for our mixing.
We had a choice of burnt sienna, phthalo blue, phthalo green, titanium white, permanent black, naphthol crimson
and cadmium yellow medium for our colour mixing.
We had some peaceful music on which helped us to focus.
We learnt how to use a variety of brushes: we really liked the wedge shaped brushes and learnt how to vary the pressure of our brush strokes. One of the things which made the club special was that we used easels and palettes (disposable plastic plates!).
It feels very different when you paint standing up.
When we painted our stars, we used light strokes and kept the weight of the light twinkles towards the bottom of the stars.
We painted our petals in white first, to place them on the dark background.
When we added the fiery colours, we tried not to completely mix our colours and to paint with streaks of our chosen paint.
This really brought our paintings to life and we had to be quite bold.
If you look carefully, you can see our individual styles showing and you can see our brush strokes.
When we painted the seed heads, we mixed a variety of browns and added some contrasting colour to stop this part looking too flat.
Can you see a little bit of turquoise ? When we finished our paintings off with the stems, we tried hard not to use just one shade of green.
We are proud of our finished pieces and we really enjoyed the club!